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Vital & Relvas

Portuguese textile agency, now located in Santa Maria de Arnoso, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal. They represent brands such as Maison Labiche, Copine, Sezane, Faith Connection, 13 Bonaparte, Lemaire, among others. Site renovated in 2019.

Design and programming:  Contacto Visual
Site version: May 2019

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MGR Transportes

MGR Transportes is a freight transport company, located in Esposende, north of Portugal, with main incidence in the Iberian market, with daily exits to and from Galicia, Asturias, León and Madrid.

Site developed by Contacto Visual

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Global Gofar

Global GoFar is an international representation and buying agency specialized in home textiles, which attends its customers in the process of buying/ selling textile products manufactured in Portugal and in international companies.


Site developed by Contacto Visual

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Cerejeira Fontes Architects

Renewal of the website, from the architecture and engineering studio Imago – Cerejeira Fontes Arquitectos, from Braga, Portugal.

The site’s primary URL is now

Cerejeira Fontes Architects (Imago) is an architectural and engineering firm based in Braga. It is organized in various departments including architecture, engineering, urban planning, interior design and technical assistance. In each department there are specialized collaborators, linked to research areas of the University of Minho, Braga.

The studio already has international visibility, with award-winning projects recognized all over the world.

Site version: November 2016

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Renewal of website, now fully responsive, adaptable to any screen size.

Al-Ambiq is a manufacturer of copper stills and other artefacts in copper, based in Valença, Portugal. The products of the brand Al-ambiq are commercialized in the site, also of the authorship of Contacto Visual.

The site is intended to promote the Al-Ambiq brand, with access for distributors and resellers.

Design and programming: Contacto Visual
Website Version: July 2016

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L. Móveis

Website created for the company L. Móveis. It’s a furniture catalog marketed by their shop.

Website version: June 2016

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Renovation of the Miranda Azevedo Lda website, now totally responsive, adaptable to devices of any size.

A Miraze, Footwear and Textile Components Industry, is dedicated to the manufacture of components for footwear and textiles, headquartered in Ribeirão, V. N. Famalicão – Portugal.

Original site developed by Visual Contact in 2003.
Current version: August 2015.

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IAT Piscinas

A swimming pool builder website

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IAT Piscinas

Renovação do site da empresa IAT Piscinas, agora multi-dispoisitivo. A IAT Piscinas constrói piscinas, sistemas de aquecimento e acessórios SPA e para piscinas, de interior ou exterior. Localizada em Esposende.

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Castanheira e Castanheira

Empresa sediada em Vila de Punhe, Viana do Castelo, orientada e especializada para a comercialização de bicicletas e acessórios. Possui marca própria de bicicletas, a Sleiphir, tem no entanto na distribuição de bicicletas e acessórios da marca KTM o seu core business, com um website próprio: KTM Bikes, também desenvolvido pela Contacto Visual.

Versões do site:

  • 2008 (versão inicial, design e programação Contacto Visual)
  • 2014 (renovação, desenvolvido em Blogger, personalizado pela Contacto Visual. Esta nova versão permite um maior diálogo com os clientes da empresa e visitantes do site. Também é responsive)



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