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When Contacto Visual was established in 1997, a company website was rare, and in many cases, something strange. Today it is almost more important to have a good website than a commercial card or a company brochure. Websites, blogs, social networks, twitter, phones and tablets with internet access in seconds are technologies that we cannot ignore, and everybody seeks information on the internet before deciding to buy something, or travel, or book a hotel.

No company today can afford to ignore the internet!

Our company crossed all this growth and developed multidisciplinary knowledge of multimedia programming languages in its various aspects! In the 90s and the first decade of this century, we made CD-Roms and DVDs. And were many: “Rusticasa Home Sweet Home”, “Rusticasa Wood as Constructive Element”, Bahco, the EURES  set (7 CDs), CDs Contacto Visual such asAlto Minho”, “Verde Minho”, “Esposende”, the entire collection of 99 CDs of the portuguese edition of At Home With Your PC, a collectible produced for the International Master Publishers, XI Biennial of Cerveira, Minho Valley to the Association of Minho Valley Towns , and many others, some created for special occasions.

cd_eures_guia cd_eures_guia_info cd_labelfinal

Once internet access gained speed, and space for content increased exponentially, and new devices like smartphones and tablets with fast nternet access, all information, shopping and entertainment went to the cloud. The CDs have lost popularity.

Portals, online shops and webapps, panoramas and virtual tours, as disclosed today by the Street View of Google, we can do it at Contacto Visual.

We have the know how.

And we create.

Contact us.



  • HTML5 / CSS3


    Base team:

David Soares

(Colaborator - Photo 360, Editor CSS)

Nelson Goncalves

(Admin . Design . Developer)