Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this site is to provide information about the company Contacto Visual and about our services and activities. This site is owned by Contacto Visual, Serviços de Informática, Unip. Lda, headquartered at Avenida José Inácio Areias, 54, 4740-574 Esposende.

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The logo and Contacto Visual name is a registered trademark with the INPI, with the number 451234, being prohibited its use by other entities or individuals other than Contacto Visual for business related with creating and maintaining of web sites for third parties; development (design) of computer programs; website hosting (web sites), graphic arts (graphic art designers services)without our consent, identical sign or similar name, in products or services identical or similar.
The trademarks, including logos or slogans, presented in this site are property of  Contacto Visual Ltd or its customers.

Not permitted by no means the reproduction or use of any intellectual property rights presented in contactovisual.pt for any purpose different from usual internet network navigation.


Terms and conditions of liability

The information provided through contactovisual.pt is not subject to any warranty. The site is intended to provide general information only. The use of contactovisual.pt website constitutes acceptance of these conditions. Contacto Visual can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information or that the information meets all your requirements.

contactovisual.pt includes links to sites developed by Contacto Visual or its employees since the beginning of its activity in 1997. The sites or pages referred to by the given links may no longer be active and the site or referenced page might no longer be produced by Contacto Visual, remaining here because a particular version was developed by us. Contacto Visual will  remove the links when the site or page is no longer of his own development, while retaining preview of their work images, or replicas of the contents kept in contactovisual.pt site for demonstration purposes in the version of Contacto VisualContacto Visual accepts no responsibility for the content provided by such sites and  does not monitor the sites or the materials or information that they include. Our customers or former customers may request removal of the link and / or demo versions by simply to contact us expressing this request.

The collection of emails held by Contacto Visual newsletter subscription is made by online registration and will occur in accordance with the strictest safety regulations. Contacto Visual undertakes to take the necessary security measures to ensure the safeguarding of mail newsletter subscribers against its possible misuse.

Contacto Visual disclaims any liability for loss or direct or indirect damages due to the use that if you do on contactovisual.pt, or access or navigation of other sites that are reached through links provided by contactovisual.pt. These terms and conditions of liability shall be without prejudice to the reasons of such losses and regardless of whether the Contacto Visual could or should anticipate such loss or damage, if not eliminated a link in Contacto Visual this site or otherwise. The limitation of liability also applies to damages caused by computer viruses present on your computer.