Panoramas 360

We have a long experience in the creation of panoramas 360 and virtual tours.

Back in 1999/2000 we edited and produced Virtual Tour CD-ROMs of the region of north of Portugal, we capture panoramas across the Minho region, from cities and villages to the top of mountains and made hundreds of panoramas, all joined in virtual tours. These CDs were distributed by Tourism Centres, but unfortunately, they can no longer run on modern computers, due to the evolution of players (we used Quicktime mostly and Macromedia Director to assemble the tours navigation), but were a great experience. After that, we have done many virtual tours mostly for hotels and cultural spots. Some of them, despite being 10 years old or more, are still active. But some are recent, and a lot better in photo quality and navigation features. And new devices such as tablets made the experience more fun and interactive, by using gyroscope technology. See an example in the button below on this page.


What we do:

  • photo capture for panoramas
    • we do a panorama out of 6 photos, with an 8mm lens mounted on a tripod with a special head
    • photographer must go in place, and do a careful job studying the environment, light and details
  • photo editing and panorama 360 stitching
    • all 6 photos are stitched to achieve the final sphere
    • remove unwanted details, scratch and dust from image
  • virtual tour connection
    • for multiple panoramas, we mark titled hot spots connecting different panoramas, which will allow the interactive experience of navigating through the imagens
    • it is possible to link to different media or external web pages, add audio or video, even stereophonic located sounds for a more exciting experience
  • embeding on a web page or other media
    • we can deliver the complete virtual tour package, ready to embed in a web page, or define settings according to the client request
    • we can generate the web page or develop the entire website
    • our hotel websites are all ready to include virtual tours, and we always add this feature to our proposals


Portfolio Panoramas 360

For a unique experience, use a tablet and click on the button below. Get up and move around with the tablet. It will be a virtual window to the hotel (Hotel Axis Vermar – a beach hotel at Povoa de Varzim, Portugal). Touch the red hot spots to move to another location in the hotel.

Virtual Tour with gyroscope

More examples by Contacto Visual:


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