Web App

While there are many definitions for Web App, the type we are able to provide, is the development of a website or part of a non-public website, with a multi-user content management, personnel access, multi-level.
Ideal for companies or public entities whishing to provide their employees, external agents or clients, a management program for their services
accessible anywhere with internet connection.

Examples (already developed or under development by Contacto Visual):

  • Booking management by agents:
    • An entity of periodic events, allows access to agents located anywhere in the country, in addition to its own points of sale, to book for a particular event for final customers. The administrator can control and approve the reserves, issuing payment orders and tickets.
  • Construction Management in Progress:
    • An architectural firm, with projects throughout Europe, allows the monitoring of the various teams in the field, with exchange of documents between the administrator and the team, uploading photos of the progress of the work, comments to the photos, recorded messaging, management of team members, and more.
  • Commercial Management
    • A company provides its business clients with meeting management, registration, order placement, and follow-up.

Ongoing or planned:

  • Management of School Canteens;
  • Management of Touristic courses in Portugal

These processes can be made in fixed physical locations, using PC, or full mobility with laptop or tablet.
The programs are fully developed and programmed by Contacto Visual specific to the goal set without the use of CMS.

Due to the nature of these apps, we cannot show them here.